Adding Books

Books don't have any special templates beyond an infobox due to the variety of books and series on The Whumpapedia google doc. So, once you've created your page, here's code you can add into Source Editor to help keep all the book pages looking the same

{{Whumpapedia Books Infobox|image1 = Placeholder.jpg|author = [[Sample Author]]|published = 2010}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is the 2nd book in the [[Sample Book Series]] series.

This is a sample synopsis with a [[link]] if you wanted it. <ref></ref>

{| class="wikitable" style="width:100%; text-align: center"
!Whump Description

== References ==
<references />
{{DEFAULTSORT:Book, Sample}}

Feel free to add or modify the contents, but please try and keep the general layout the same.

Each books page gets: "Books" and whatever series it belongs to See example

Each Book Series Page gets: "Book Series"

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