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This article is about the character from the 2016 reboot. For the character from the 1985 original series, see Angus MacGyver (1985).

Angus MacGyver is a fictional character appearing in MacGyver and portrayed by Lucas Till.

Character Bio

MacGyver is a U.S. operative who works for the Phoenix Foundation, a covert agency operating under the guise of a think tank. [1]


Season 1

EP# Title Whump Description Contributor
1 The Rising shot, nearly drowns, angst macgyvermedical
3 Awl jump from a building, chokehold macgyvermedical
5 Toothpick manhandled, beaten, thrown macgyvermedical
6 Wrench tears, nearly caught in explosion macgyvermedical
7 Can Opener tied up, drugged macgyvermedical
13 Large Blade briefly unconscious macgyvermedical
21 Cigar Cutter beaten up, nearly caught in explosion macgyvermedical

Season 2

EP# Title Whump Description Contributor
3 Roulette Wheel & Wire handcuffed macgyvermedical
4 X-Ray + Penny briefly restrained, drugged, vivid recall macgyvermedical
9 CD Rom + Hoagie Foil exposed to nerve gas, stabbed himself, hospital care fyeahvulnerablemen
14 Mardi Gras Beads + Chair runs car into a building, manhandled, burns hands, aftercare the-wandering-whumper
15 Murdoc + Handcuffs shot in shoulder axxonly
21 Wind + Water flew into an hostage situation, punched and kicked whumpslist

Season 3

EP# Title Whump Description Contributor
8 Revenge + Catacombs + Le Fantome captive, fear, concussion, explosion fyeahvulnerablemen
11 Mac + Fallout + Jack car accident, kidnapped, chained in cell anonymous
13 Wilderness + Survival + Training beaten up, hair pulled, fight, shot in the leg, field care the-wandering-whumper

Season 4

EP# Title Whump Description Contributor
8 Father + Son + Father + Matriarch suffers a personal loss, emotional and tearful goodbye the-wandering-whumper
10 Tesla + Bell + Edition + Mac slammed against the wall and hit his head, fallen to the floor and lost consciousness, laying in the infirmary bay, concussed and confused, drugged and fallen unconscious, scary nightmares, grabbed punched and manhandled in his nightmare, difficult breathing and gasping, feeling guilty, stirring on the chair while unconscious, felling lost and desperate, argued with his own projection, rough awakening gasping for air, headache and tired, hallucination whumpslist
11 Psy-Op + Cell + Merchant + Birds injured sore and with a cut on his neck, stitched cut on his forearm and pulled out the stitches, grabbed and manhandled, electrocuted, passed out and dragged away, bruised face and sore stomach, hit by a granade blast and slammed against the wall, grunting and fallen to the floor whumpslist

Season 5

EP# Title Whump Description Contributor
5 Jack + Kinematics + Safe Cracker + MgKNO3 + GTO Suffers a personal loss, breaks down crying in the jet bathroom, beautiful, emotional acting the-wandering-whumper