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Welcome to the Whumpapedia!

The Whumpapedia is a comprehensive collection of whumpy moments from TV Series, Movies, Books, Anime, Video games, Comic Books/Magna/Graphic Novels, Podcasts, Music videos and more that has been painstakingly collected and archived by the members of the Tumblr Whump Community.

The Whumpapedia is also available in a conveniently searchable Google Doc that can be found HERE.

For more information on what Whump is, please visit our Introduction to Whump page.

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Whump often deals with dark and triggering content. We have done our best to identify these possible triggers and place a warning on the pages that contain them. That being said, this is a large collection of whump and things are going to be overlooked/missed. If you come across a trigger, please feel free to add a notice to the page or leave a comment so a user with editing access can do it for you.

This warning also applies to spoilers. We've done our best, but this is a Community curated list and we mods have not seen all the shows listed here.

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